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lee romanov media iconLee Romanov has been making millions of dollars online, since 1994, by applying the same revenue strategies used by the multi-million-dollar companies.

Romanov reports "When you do what multi-million dollar companies do, you will make what multi-million dollar companies make."

One of Lee's websites was purchased for over 2 million dollars by Media Giant, TORSTAR (Toronto Star Newspapers).

Ironically, most entrepreneurs do the exact opposite of what the multi-million dollar companies do.

Entrepreneurs create their own content and sell to their visitor traffic, where as multi-million dollar companies get their content for free and send leads to businesses that pay them.

Lee Romanov, author of the book; GET RICH... By Telling People Where To Go, is here to say a few words on how you can begin creating online income in the same way the multi-million dollar companies do.

Returning guest Lee Romanov is a motivational speaker who has an action plan on how to start and build your online income. She is self-made and has been making millions of dollars online since 1994.

Lee has entertained radio and TV audiences for decades and speaks to sold out audiences that love her. She shows you how you can activate online income streams simply from your advice!

The MONEY is in your recommendation! By simply sending leads to businesses you recommend, you can make $1,000s of dollars online.

She knows what works, and what does not work. With the knowledge, and experience you have right now, you can start creating your own online income.

Plus, her Website Builder allows you to make it happen!

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Frankie-BoyerThis is Frankie Boyer, and my question to all of you ‘Wouldn't you love to make more money?’  Who wouldn't want to make more money? Is there a secret to making money?

We have with us a woman who has written a book called GET RICH... By Telling People Where To Go, where you give advice to people, every day, for free, but when you do it online, you can get paid for it.  Welcome Lee Romanov

Profit From Your Pet

When you furry friend can start making you money online, they can go from your best friend to your sugar doggy!

It's true your pet can make you money online!

Ross Kaminshy, host of 630 KHOW Radio, compares is two French Bulldogs to Shiner the online Terrier Tycoon.

I'm not trying to raise a bunch of little  Dog Slackers, so joining us to help come up with some ideas on how my dogs, and yours, can do a little better in pulling their own weight, is the proprietor of  Who Let The Dog  Good Morning Lee! 

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