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The formula to making money online.

The 10 revenue streams you can activate on your website.

How to find companies who will pay you for leads.


How to focus your website on a topic to get visitor traffic.

How to see what people search for online using the Keyword Planner.

How to get your pages indexed by the search engines
so that people can find them online.

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REQUEST YOUR HOME BUSINESS WEBSITE Select the website you want built. Request A Website
TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires... What I Did & You Can Too
This eBook gives you the formula to Making
Money Online, click here.

SETUP Choosing A Domain Name See how to select the right domain name(s) for your website,

Attach Your Domain Name

Set Up Your Email Addresses

CONTENT  Create A Page

Create A Page From Your Page Template

Create Sub Pages

Page Directory Dropdown Menu

Page Settings

Page Templates You Can Use

PICTURES  Add Pictures

SEO Get your pictures displayed by the Search Engines

VIDEOS  Add Videos

How to create your own videos

SEO Get your videos displayed by the search engines

LINKS  Add & Remove Links

SEO To get your links read by the search engines

IA AFFILIATE PAGE You can promote Income Activator's Website Builder and make money. To see how this works, click here.

OPT-IN FORMS  View Data Collected

How to Remove A Form

How To Edit A Form

How to Add A Form

MESSAGING  How to create and send Email Messages

How to add your email list from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo

COMMENTS / BLOG  Allow visitor Comments On Pages

MOBILECreating Your Mobile Website

SEO Get your pages displayed by the Search Engines



REVENUE STREAMS  There are over 10 revenue streams you can add to your website. Revenue Streams

TITLE / LOGO  Change your Title Or Add A Logo

To begin, go to Your Account, Account Settings
COLOURS  How to add a background & change Colours

To begin, go to Your Account,  Customize Your Colours
LOGINS  Change Your Password or Add Login Accounts
ONLINE SUPPORT  Income Activator Error Pages

GOOGLE SUPPORT  General  AdWordsWeb Search
RESOURCES  Hire help for Computer Issues or Website

TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires... What I Did & You Can Too

You can inject your website into the buying process and be paid by telling people where to go.

Here's how online searches turn into revenue:

1. people search for information.

2. They look for recommendations.

3. Then they buy.

Coporations Have Sales Budgets... Consumers Don't

Know who has the money and most willing to part with it. You're 90% more likely to get a consumer to follow your  recommendations, then get them to buy from you.

This means you could send 90% of your visitor traffic to companies that will pay you for your leads.

Inject Your Website Into The Buying Process


You make money when you inject your website into the buying process by providing recommendations to visitors to companies that will pay you for the leads you sed them.

To do this, you need to:

1. Identify the keyword phrases people using for online searches.

2. Create pages of content related to those keywords.

3. Earn revenue from pay per click ads, referrals & affiliate links.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

PASSION  You can have a website about anything want.

To see how, click here

TARGET MARKET  The key to a profitable niche website is to focus it around a single market, product or service.

To learn more about niche marketing, click here

GOALS  Make sure your goal of making money is clearly laid out. To see how, click here

Get Your Website Displayed For Online Searches

GOOGLE GMAIL ACCOUNT You need a Google Gmail account to access many of Google's free services, to register for a free account, click here.
KEYWORD RESEARCH  Tells you what people are searching for online. This video shows you how to do keyword research using Google's Keyword Tool.

For more keyword research,
click here

ONLINE SEARCHES  Google's Keyword Tool shows you what people are searching for online. It also tells you how much advertisers are paying to get visitors to their website who are searching for specific keyword phrases.
FOCUS  By focusing your website on a specific, long tailed keyword phrase, you will attract people, searching for that term, to your website. To learn more, click here

Knowing what people were searching for when they get to your website gives you the advantage of being able to offer them what they're looking for. You have about 3 to 5 seconds to do that, before they click off.
Recommendations  Knowing the 'Keyword Phrase' people are searching for when they get to your website allows you to make recommendations to your visitors to companies, and be paid for your leads.

Creating Pages To Capture Online Search Traffic

SALES PATHKnow your sale's path to making money.
The actions of your visitors is what makes you money.

To learn more,
click here.
1 MINUTE SALES PITCH  Your elevator speech, click here
CONTENT WEBSITES  Here's the formula for creating revenue from a content based website, click here.

WRITINGThe power of the written word, click here.

LINKS  Why links are important for SEO.

PICTURESMake money through pictures, click here.
VIDEOS  Make money through videos, click here.

DAILY ROUTINE Every day add new page of content with pictures, videos and links to your website. Read more.

HOME PAGE  Make sure your website is your Home Page.
To see how,
click here.

Creating Revenue Through Recommendations

PAY PER CLICK ADSYou can immediately create a revenue stream with pay per click ads by signing up to companies like Google AdSense, for free.
To learn more about Pay Per Click Ads, click here
YOUR OWN PAY PER CLICK ADS  This is where you're paid by an advertiser when a visitor clicks from your website to their website.

To see how this works, click here
LEAD GENERATION  This is where you send leads to companies that pay you.

To see how this works, click here

DIRECTORY REFERRALS  This is where you send one lead to multiple companies and all companies pay you. This is most often used by services where companies bid on the business.

To see how this works, click here
ADVERTISERS  Where to find advertisers, click here

Additional Revenue Streams

The most attractive feature of having an online business is the variety
of ways to make money online.

  AFFILIATES  This is when you sell other company products on your own website and earn a commission.

To see how this works, click here

INCOME ACTIVATOR AFFILIATE  You can promote Income Activator's Website Builder and make money.

To see how this works, click here
MEMBERSHIPS  Sell memberships through your online store and password protect as many pages or sections you want.

To see how this works, click here

To see how to create a PayPal subscription link, click here.

CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS  Put your stamp on private label products or improve upon existing infor products.

To see how this works, click here

WRITE YOUR OWN EBOOK  You're given eBook templates and a guide how to self publish your eBook.

You're shown where to go to have your eBook printed and shipped for free. To see how, click here
ONLINE STORESelling from your store, click here

Payment Options

  PayPal  PayPal setup on Income Activator, click here

Register For PayPal
Setup your account, click here

CREDIT CARD  Accepting credit card payments, click here
CREDIT CARD MERCHANT ACCOUNT  To apply for an account to accept credit cards online, click here

Marketing Strategies

BANNED FROM GOOGLE  How to avoid being banned from Google, click here

BANNED FROM INCOME ACTIVATOR  How to avoid being banned from Income Activator, click here
MONITOR YOUR VISITOR TRAFFIC  Google Analytics is a free program that tracks your visitor traffic. It also has a variety of other measuring functions available to you.
To see how to set up Google Analytics, click here

GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS  Google Webmaster is a program that finds errors in your website pages. To see how to set up Google Webmaster Tools, click here

BUSINESS EMAIL  Google offers a free business email account that operates exactly like Gmail with the added feature of your website address included in your email, giving you a more professional look.
How to register for a Google business email, click here

BUSINESS CARDS  Free order of business cards, click here

PRIVACY POLICY  You need to respect the privacy of your Visitors and inform them of your privacy policy.

There are many ways of doing this. To view, click here

GOOGLE PLACES  You have the opportunity to list your business with Google for free, and have your business displayed in online searches. To find out more, click here

GOOGLE MAPS  To see how to add a Google Map to your website, click here

Visitor TRAFFIC  To see over 50 ways getting visitors to your website, click here

SOCIAL MEDIAHow to get visitor traffic, click here 

ARTICLE MARKETING  How to get people to your website by writing articles, click here

EMAIL MARKETING  How to collect email addresses and build a client list, click here

SELLING FROM YOUR EMAIL LIST  To see how to sell using your email list, click here

PROMOTIONAL PARTNER  See how to promote form other company's newsletters and email lists, click here

MEDIAUse the media to get your message out, click here 

1 Minute Presentation:  How to capture attention, click here 

OUTSOURCING  When you need help, there are outsourcing services available, click here

Computer Set Up

Tips to make your life easier when working on your computer

Free Calling - Set yourself up with Google's free calling and video chat.

Adding The Google Tool Bar

Setting Google As Your Default Search

This allows you to search through your address bar in Internet Explorer

Maximize Your Computer Working Area

Increase or Decrease Your Page Size

Useful Free Programs & Resources

Recommended programs to help grow your online business.

1. Google Gmail - Create a Google Email

2. Google AdWords - Keyword Tool - Contact Google

3. Google AdSense - Place Google Ads on your website

4. Microsoft Speech Recognition - Turns your voice into text

5. YouTube - Place videos on YouTube

6. Vimeo - Another place to upload videos

7. Free Calling - Google's Phone & Video Chat

8. PayPal - How To Add A PayPal Buy Button

Programs & Resources Worth Paying For

1. Snagit - Take screenshots of pictures and edit images.

2. Corel Video Studio - Create and edit videos.

3. GoDaddy - Register a domain name.

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