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Take Control Of Your Website
All you need to do is type to create a website that makes money. Create unlimited pages, forms, add pictures, links and videos. Income Activator's website builder has all the tools. View Our Features
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Referral Programs (Runs On Other Sites)
A content based website using Income Activator's proprietary Referral Program generates income by sending leads to companies and advertisers.
View Our Referral Programs
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Pay Per Click Ads (Runs On Others Sites)
Similar tot he search engine's PPC ads,you can run your own, receive 100% of the click revenue and control over which ads go on your website. View Our Referral Programs
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Shopping Cart
Included is a full online shopping cart allowing you to sell physical, virtual and affiliate products. Plus, through yours tore's affiliate program you can get partners to help sell your products! View Our Features
A Tour Of Income Activator & All Its Website Features
Here are the features and revenue streams available to you through your Income Activator website builder.

You receive a ready to go website with multiple revenue streams you can activate as easily as you can type. Our proprietary Referral Programs generates revenue through Pay Per Click Links, Leads & Referrals. View All Income Activator's Features
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Unlimited Email Messaging
Do all of your email marketing through Income Activator's messaging system. Collect email addresses, create email newsletters, mailing lists, and send out unlimited email messages. View Our Features
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Create Forms & Collect Visitor Information
Create unlimited opt-in forms that collect data, send leads to companies or do you own surveys. Visitor info is collected for email marketing. View Our Features
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
All of the features of Income Activator were designed with SEO as a priority. Each page has SEO fields showing you how to optimize it. View Our Features
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Marketing Strategies
No techy talk. Everything is in plain English. From how to create content, to understanding the benefits of keyword research, it's all here. View Our Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Here's a look at what you're getting with the marketing strategies included with your Income Activator website builder.

A full marketing library is included with Income Activator. Understand the benefits of doing keyword research and Search Engine Optimization. Discover how to find or create products to sell or write an eBook. View Our Marketing Strategies